Perfect Your Swing From Home

Here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico the weather is close to perfect, especially for golfers. The winter is the busy season here for the area’s many golf courses making Los Cabos a true golfing mecca. But what if you don’t live in Cabo and can’t play golf year round? Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a golf course or a FullSwing golf simulator in our back yard like Tiger Woods, so how does the average duffer keep their skills sharp during the winter months or during a…

Spieth Uses Nicklaus’s ‘Winning Formula’ To Win Back To Back Majors

I didn’t have a job at 21, and I didn’t have much focus in life either, which is probably why I filled up a backpack and disappeared for a year. So it comes with plenty of jealousy that at the same age Jordan Spieth has managed to find the secret to success and become a double-major winner. At the conclusion of the third round Spieth was asked whether he’ll feel the pressure going into the final round of the U.S. Open as joint leader, he responded with a lot of…

The U.S. Open at Chambers Bay looks mighty familiar to those that have bothered to study it!

The immediate reaction on seeing Chambers Bay is that the winner will be the player who can create the most inventive shots, have the visualisation to hit it somewhere other than the target and let the slopes do the rest. This course is a big side-step from the hit-it-straight-or-bleed-out philosophy we have become used to at the U.S. Open. Rory McIlroy said it rewards the big and brave off the tee, Tiger Woods was keen to stress the variety of options facing the player on every shot. The tall fescue…